GH Services sells, distributes, or represents these products:

BassLab Guitars and Basses
These unique instruments are built of composite materials in a patented process that results in visually stunning instruments that are very light, yet with a very full sound. GH Services is the exclusive BassLab representative for North America!
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Jaspers aluminum keyboard stands
High-quality tubular stands and racks for your prized keyboards. GH Services is the premier Western Hemisphere dealer.
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Acoustic Image Amplifiers
Powerful and compact, these high-fidelity amplifiers provide clean amplification for electric and acoustic instruments. GH Services is an authorized Acoustic Image dealer.
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Eminence Portable Upright Basses
Small-bodied upright basses for the travelling musician.
GH Services is the premier Canadian dealer.
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Clef Revolution & Gage Realist acoustic bass transducers
Quality pickups and gut strings for acoustic bass instruments. GH Services is the premier Canadian dealer!
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MIDIjet Wireless MIDI
Economical wireless MIDI transmitters and receivers. GH Services is the premier North American dealer!
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Rayzoon VST Plugins
The incredible Jamstix and JamBassist intelligent virtual instruments for VST software hosts. GH Services is the first dealer worldwide!
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