GH Services is an authorized Rayzoon dealer. Rayzoon products are made in North Carolina by Rayzoon Technologies, which was founded by Ralph Zeuner in 2001 to create software to simulate human musicians in order to facilitate song composition and arrangement. The goal was to devise rule-based systems that would react to MIDI or audio input and allow you to customize the response.

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Jamstix 2 - Virtual Drummer VSTi     BUY NOW!

The flagship product is Jamstix 2, Rayzoon's ground-breaking virtual drummer VSTi that runs synchronized with your sequencer and features in-depth real-time modeling of various styles as well as human drummers with their own habits, accents, and fill characteristics. Together, they can create thousands of realistic drum performances, each one editable down to the last hit - thanks to the built-in limb-centric bar editor. ("Limb-centric" means that Jamstix models a real human drummer with arms and legs.)

This unrivaled drum simulation is complemented by a high-quality sample player with 1.5GB of samples (in the XL version) as well as a VSTi subhost that can 'drive' your favorite drum module with the brain power and arrangement functionality of Jamstix 2.

And it can jam interactively with your MIDI or audio input, giving you a realistic performance that varies with what you play.

Features and Specs of Jamstix 2

Advanced Virtual Drummer VSTi

High Quality Sounds

Integrates With Other Sound Modules

Interactive Jamming

Jamstix can interact with your MIDI or audio input by adjusting velocity and using play rules, such as hihat/ride switching and snare head/sidestick switching as well as rhythm reduction giving you the feel of playing with a human drummer!

Supports Your Existing MIDI grooves

Jamstix can import your existing MIDI drum grooves as well as Jamstix 1 rhythms and use them as styles for playing by the drummer models. This means a static 1-bar MID file groove comes to life by being played with the feel, accents, and fills of the Jamstix 2 virtual drummers!



Jamstix has been successfully tested in these hosts. However, since hosts and Jamstix can be used in many ways, make sure to test drive the demo in your environment and your workflow.

Cubase SX, Sonar, Ableton Live, Tracktion, FL Studio, Orion, n-Track, Chainer, energyXT, Forte, Bidule, MiniHost, SAVIHost.
Jamstix 2 comes with a new stock kit, plus Drumpak #1. The XL edition comes with that, plus the remaining paks shown below.
Drumpak #1 Drumpak #2 BrushPak SnarePak ePak
A full-bodied birch fusion set with Evans heads as well as several cymbals, crisp 13" hihats, an incredible expressive 22" ride, and a wonderful 18" crash.
- 22x18 Gretsch Catalina Birch Kick Drum
- 14x5 Gretsch Catalina Birch Snare
- 10x8 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom
- 12x9 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom
- 14x11 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom
- 16x16 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom
- 13" Zildjian Custom A Hi-Hats
- 22" Bosphorus Hammer Ride
- 18" Wuhan S-Series Crash
A tight Mapex kit with loads of new cymbals. All sounds come in four variants:
1) stick-played standard Jamstix format
2) stick-played close-stereo format
3) rod-played standard Jamstix format
4) rod-played close-stereo format
- 22x18 Mapex Kick Drum
- 14x5.5 Mapex Snare
- 8x8 Mapex Tom
- 12x10 Mapex Tom
- 13x11 Mapex Tom
- 16x16 Mapex Tom
- 14" Zildjian A Hi-Hats
- 20" Zildjian A Ride
- 16" Zildjian A Crash
- 14" Zildjian A Fast Crash
- 16" Meinl Synthetik Crash
- 18" Meinl Signal Crash
- 14" Meinl Filter China
- Hand Clapping Sound
Great for jazz but also for other genres where a more intimate and understated drum sound is needed.
- 14x5 Gretsch Catalina Birch Snare
- 10x8 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom
- 12x9 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom
- 14x11 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom
- 16x16 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom
- 13" Zildjian Custom A Hi-Hats
- 22" Bosphorus Hammer Ride
- 22" Bosphorus Hammer Crash
- 16" Wuhan S-Series Crash
- 18" Wuhan S-Series Crash
SnarePak adds 11 snares to your Jamstix sound collection.
- 10"x7.0" Pearl Popcorn Maple
- 12"x5.0" Pork Pie Little Squealer Maple
- 12"x5.0" Yamaha Stage Custom
- 13"x3.5" Mapex Deluxe Maple
- 13"x5.5" Pearl SensiTone Custom Alloy
- 14"x4.0" Premier Modern Classic Maple
- 14"x5.5" Slingerland Brass
- 14"x5.5" Vintage Stewart Maple
- 14"x5.5" Gretsch Birch with Kevlar head
- 14"x6.5" Gretsch Club Rock
- 14"x6.5" Tama Rockstar
100 electronic sounds, good for techno beats, house, trance, etc.

JamBassist - Windows VSTi (not available yet)

JamBassist will be a virtual bassist VSTi that revolutionizes the creation of bass tracks for rock, funk, pop and blues compositions.

JamBassist will be the perfect companion for Jamstix. Together they'll form an intelligent, interactive, and realistic rhythm section for your jam sessions and music productions.

Details of JamBassist will be presented as the project matures.


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Jamstix 2 Virtual drummer VSTi for Windows plus DrumPak #1
Save $5!
  • in-depth real-time style & drummer modeling
  • real-time modeling fill generator
  • advanced limb control & feel processing
  • interactive jamming with MIDI or audio input
  • built-in mixer with 3-band EQs and compressor
  • MIDI drag-&-drop to host & Windows Explorer
  • 50 styles & 10 drummers (expandable)
  • 300MB high quality stock kit
  • subhosting of 3rd party drum modules
  • extensive MIDI controller mapping

Jamstix 2XL Jamstix 2 plus
DrumPak #1 + DrumPak #2 + SnarePak + BrushPak + ePak
Save $10!

All features of the standard version plus:
  • acoustic fusion kit
  • acoustic rock kit
  • acoustic rock kit played with rods
  • brush kit & sizzle cymbal
  • 11 additional snares
  • 100 electronic sounds
  • (Total additional sample content: 1.2GB)
The XL content equals the previous DrumPak #1, DrumPak #2, BrushPak, SnarePak, and ePak.
If you already own those Paks, you do NOT need the XL version!
Note: Upgrades from previous Jamstix versions are available directly from Rayzoon.


After purchasing, you will receive an e-mail from PayPal confirming the transaction. After that, you will receive an e-mail notification directly from Rayzoon Technologies with a secure download link for the product as well as a User ID and License Key. You should receive this notification within 1 to 24 hours, except during holidays. Some spam filters may filter this mail out. If you do not receive your notification e-mail, please check your spam filter. You may also want to add 'support[at]' (replace [at] with @) to the allowed sender list of your spam filter.

If you need to discuss special purchasing options, please contact or call our toll-free order line 1-866-666-7858. GH Services is an authorized Rayzoon dealer, offering discounts on the VST Bundles. To purchase Sound Paks individually or to upgrade from previous products, please visit Rayzoon.

Rayzoon provides excellent customer support. They consider Jamstix users to be part of their extended family and will do their utmost to ensure your happiness and satisfaction with their products. Please use the Jamstix Forums to post any technical support questions or suggestions you may have.

Since this a software product, we do not issue refunds for any reason. You must download and test the free demo version prior to making this purchase to ensure that you will be satisfied! All licenses sold are non-transferrable.


SOS The sensation of having a virtual drummer respond to the dynamics of your playing is quite remarkable, and Jamstix throws in some genuine surprises that are very un-machine-like. (SoundOnSound Magazine 11/05)
KEYBOARDS It interacts with the play style of the user on a high level and, when used with high-end sound modules, allows a degree of realism that would otherwise require an extreme amount of hand editing. (KEYBOARDS Magazine 11/05)
Sven Bornemark (Creator of Steinberg Groove Agent) "I wish to express my sincerest congratulations to the radical, new and fresh thinking behind Jamstix! You obviously know how to use a computer for the benefit of fellow musicians. While the rest of the world seems to be concentrating on endless virtual synthesiser emulations, you're taking things several steps further."

Here are some quotes about Jamstix from various message boards and e-mails:

"I don't know if this will get to you guys, but I just wanted to say thank you for such a cool (and inexpensive !!!) program. If everyone made apps and wrote code like you guys do, things would be a lot simpler in the PC music world. I love playing music, NOT fiddling with the software! You guys ROCK! Thanks again!"

"I plug in my guitar, set Jamstix on Free Jam and I swear its fifteen minutes later! So, I try it again, and the next thing I know my wife is standing at the door asking if Iím coming to bed, since I told her Iíd be up an hour ago. I donít think itís the liquor. Any suggestions? I love this program!"

"This is the best VST instrument I have ever used, period. I'm having to redo all my old songs using Jamstix and BFD now, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. What a quality product, please keep up the good work."

"Very human sounding and the way it follows your playing dynamics is pretty much exactly like a real drummer would."

"See, this company rocks! You need to check out the Jamstix forum and see how great these guys are. They take care of things and are so nice about it."

"I must say if THIS is what your customer support will continue to be like (and it's basically only demo users here), you are doing the most awsome job I've seen in quite a while! Should almost be worth it alone to buy your stuff!"

"This is simply the best support I have ever witnessed."

"Fantastic product... Cannot believe it's so affordable !!!"

"My drum tracks will never be the same again..."

"Generates very good and varied grooves. Even when building your own rhythms from scratch you can get very good results fast. And the sound is great, just the right amount of ambience!"

"I have the feeling that Jamstix will be one of the most important VSTi in years."

"I pre-ordered within 2 minutes after reading it..."