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Page 2 presents a directory listing of the files on a Fairlight CMI data disk. All of the usual file operations are available, such as copying, deleting, and renaming. There is no support for subdirectories or folders. 
Page 2 - a listing of files on a data disk

Filenames consist of eight letters and numbers, with a two-character suffix which indicates the type of file. 
Group Suffix  File type Size  Page
CMI files .INinstrument 24   3
.VCvoice 172  3
.COcontrol 16   7
.SQkeyboard sequence  ?   9
.AIanalog interface 16   A
.RSreal time composer ?   R
.PXscreen print 132  S
MCL files .PCpiece ?   C
.PTpart ?   C
.SSsequence ?   C 
The size is given in disk sectors, which are 128 bytes long. An empty disk contains 3980 sectors. Some files are variable in size, and are indicated in the table with ?. 
To simplify the screen, you can limit the display of files to those that belong to one of the two groups listed above. You can touch the lightpen to CMI or MCL, or you can show all files by touching ALL. 
Files can be loaded into the Fairlight CMI by touching the lightpen to the filename, and then touching LOAD. Voice files will be loaded into the currently selected register (see Page 3 for more about registers). 
Several files can be selected at once (for loading, copying, or deleting) by touching MULTI before selecting files. 
There are keyboard equivalents for the lightpen actions. For example, to load a voice file you would type L r filename, where r is the register letter. When loading voice files, you do not need to specify the .VC suffix. To load any other file type, such as an instrument file, you do specify the suffix: L filename.IN or L filename.SQ. 
The QUERY command shows more information about a file. For voice files this includes version number, size, and which control file is linked to the voice (if any). For instrument files you will see which voices are contained in the instrument. 
Files can be copied from one disk to another by using the TRANSFER command. This command prompts you to remove the system disk in the left-hand drive and replace it with a data disk, which will be the destination for the transfer. When the process is complete, you will be prompted to re-insert the system disk in the left-hand drive. 
Files can also be loaded from the music keyboard keypad by entering the number of the file and then the asterisk (*). 
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