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1997/09/24: Big Sports   Have you noticed how incredibly important sports events are? 
They must be, based on the length of the sports segment on the newscasts. The half-hour news show presents fifteen minutes of news, then fifteen minutes of sports. 
Governments collapse; economies falter; constitutions are challenged. 
Volcanoes erupt; rivers overflow; forests disappear. 
People get shot, blown up, or fall out of the sky. 
None of this trivial news should take away from the importance of the latest sports scores. Did you hear how close that last game was? The home team won 134 to 95 with a spectacular touchdown in the 9th inning! The penalty shot from centre ice went right in the hoop. Swish! 
The players are going to get a real sweet bonus this year. And the networks sure will improve their advertising cash flow - running shoes, cars, and beer do seem to move briskly after the SuperBowl. 
Ah. There it is. Money. The reason for everything. 
The greedy corporations that run the world are glad to let the dull minded sports fans feed their avarice. What a racket! Just a bunch of people running around chasing a ball/puck/whatever, and the "fans" are fooled into thinking that the game's the thing. No, the goal is money; the game is just the means. 
Anyway, I'm getting thirsty with all this talk. It's half time and I suddenly have an urge to put on my runners, hop in the minivan, and go get a case of beer.

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